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Introducing Aberrations RPG Sheets (Alpha)

Track your characters and campaigns digitally, and make playing Aberrations RPG a breeze. Keep track of your belongings, stats, and more on your character sheets. For campaign sheets, keep track of NPCs, players, environments, and other interactables.

Aberrations RPG Sheets user interface

What it will do

Everything you need, digitally

This is a list of features that we plan to have a part of this digital product. You are welcome to send us suggestions as we get this built out.

Aberrations RPG Sheets is currently in alpha, so certain features may not be available on the campaign sheets at this time.

Track character sheets

Track everything a paper character sheet can, plus more, and even more in depth.

Track campaign sheets

Track everything a paper campaign sheet can, plus more, and even more in depth

Roll dice

Roll dice and have the roll automatically calculated, and adjust your stats accordingly, at the touch of a button

Manage sessions

Fire up an active session, and all participants will get notifications whenever a roll or other action occurs

Generate interactables

Automatically generate the NPCs, belongings, creatures, and environments that you need for your campaigns

Combat tracking

Enter combat mode to track health and stats of every npc or creature combat participant, all while receiving live updates of what the players are doing as well

And more...

There are even more features that have yet to be announced, so stay tuned as we give updates about this project